Roadmap for the research of technical ceramics:

“Experts study on the future of advanced ceramics”

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In many cases components of advanced ceramics are the key of complex technical systems providing functionality and/or performance.  The use of technical ceramics in new applications is often linked to needs of basic research on different levels.

The study was initiated and performed by the German Ceramics Society (DKG), the German Industry Association for Fine Ceramics (VKI) and the German Society for Materials Science (DGM) in several cooperative workshops both with representatives of the leading research institutions and  those of the ceramic-manufacturing and ceramic-applying industry. As the range of applications for advanced ceramics is rather wide, we concentrated only on a few fields with a good  forecast for the future.

Chapter one is dealing with powder engineering. The main focus was placed on fibre- enforced ceramics, battery systems and energy harvesting. Our studies in the wide area of chemistry, engineering and plant building disclosed the necessity of research  in materials for ceramic membranes and absorbents for high temperature applications as well as in reliable low-cost technologies.

As we find many fields of applying advanced ceramics in the automobile industry, experts assume a lot more possibilities to arise with electro-mobility.  Electrical engineering will produce an ample range of new demands meeting more complex ceramic materials and process technology accordingly.

Further impulses are expected from optic applications and “Life Science”.

Other research activities should extensively deal with “cross-sectional technology”. Aspects to concentrate on are tools for calculation and simulation with regard to material sampling and improving the construction of ceramic parts.

The associations participating, such as DKG, VKI and DGM are quite content with the interest showed in this study so far and are confident to use it for an intensified collaboration on  the development and integration of advanced ceramics systems across various value chains, particularly among industrial users. Those who are  interested may download a PDF copy (4.3 MB) of the study free of charge (available in German language only). 

Experts study on the future of advanced ceramics (German)